Hey Tracy. Let’s go ahead and order this. Dave sent me directions on how to handle it when it arrives.

I have to tell you that in my job, I deal with a lot of technicians, IT, repair people, and others from all the industries we use in our home. TV is so vital to our residents. We have our state surveyors here this week so things have been stressful and so busy.

Dave and you made the issues with the satellite one of the least stressful things this week. I was so impressed with Dave’s ability to walk me through re-connecting our dish with the satellite signal and how to get to the screens and such. Thank you all for such good service.

Misty French
Ash Flat Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Just wanted to give you a heads up on the great job Jerry and Kyle did at our Foxes Grove location. That building is totally different than our typical Rosewoods and much more of a challenge. Jerry went above and beyond on helping with issues with the TV’s that were not caused by SkyPath…. and Kyle was right there the whole way through. We put in some long hard days but everything was up and running late yesterday. It was a pleasure working alongside them and I learned a lot of information that hopefully I will be able to use in troubleshooting to avoid so many calls to you guys. Thanks so much for the great service.


Property Services Manager
Senior Living Services, Inc
St Louis, MO

On behalf of the VA North Texas Health Care System, I would like to personally thank SkyPath Satellite Systems for all the excellent, and professional work performed at our facility recently. We needed to get ready for the new Digital TV format, and had our entire satellite system replaced with up to date and modern equipment. But, the job did not stop with just the installation of new equipment, the installers were very professional, and wanted to see the fruits of their labor. As we walked throughout the Medical Center, the addition of the new equipment added new challenges. The new equipment gave us a strong signal, and now we were faced with having to go back and balance the signal throughout the whole Medical Center. This of course was the beginning of a new monumental task to say the least.

The technicians from Skypath and their partners got right to work, and scheduled time to help us smooth out the signal, and shoot for the best picture quality possible. Their question was, “Why have the Taj Mahal, and not be able to enjoy it fully”? SkyPaths’ personnel could have said, “We installed your new system, it’s not our fault you need more work”! They never even entertained that idea, instead their comments were, “We would like to see the patient’s have the best picture possible”! They went right to work, went the extra mile, slowly and methodically went to every location and worked with us. They presented a plan of attack to fix each and every problem, be it new cabling, new amplifiers, and/or adjustment. One by one we got the problems resolved.

I am very impressed with SkyPath Satellite Systems, their professionalism, integrity, and dedication to their clients. To all the personnel at Skypath Satellite Systems, thank you for a job well done!

Kind Regards,…

Joseph F. Paulowsky BESS/MT
Biomedical Engineering Supervisor
VA North Texas Health Care System
4500 S. Lancaster Rd.
Dallas, TX 75216

We are extremely pleased with the Direct TV install! Jerry and Adam Jones were very professional and courteous. I was very pleased with their timely and knowledgeable install expertise. Everything is working great! This will definitely improve our customer and employee satisfaction scores. (as well as Maintenance issues) Thank you very much for working with Delta Memorial in making this happen. I will recommend to other facilities who may be in need also.

Thank you,

Ricky Tucker
Delta Memorial Hospital
Dumas, AR